The National Association of REALTORS® defines a townhouse as a single-family home with at least two floors that share a wall with another house. You’re correct if you think this sounds a lot like a condominium. However, the two property types have small but potentially significant differences. For some buyers, townhouses offer more attractive benefits than condos. Here’s what to know about townhouses, including how to find townhouses for sale and how to decide if this type of home is right for you.

How to Find Townhouses for Sale

You can find townhouses for sale on the same online real estate websites you’d find a detached home. Some leading websites include Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and You can also likely find them for sale on local REALTOR’s websites.

Because the housing market remains very competitive in Oregon—due to demand for homes and low inventory—working with an experienced buyer’s agent in your community is wise. Real estate agents stay incredibly current with new listings. They often know about townhouses that will be listed before you can see them online. In some cases, properties won’t even be listed online because they will be sold in what is known as a pocket listing.

Reasons People Buy Townhouses

Townhouses are popular home choices for first-time homebuyers, experienced homebuyers, and those looking to downsize from a larger single-family home. The reason? Townhouses offer many benefits.

  • Affordability

    Townhouses are typically, though not always, more affordable than detached single-family homes. This can make qualifying for a mortgage loan easier and allow you to keep more of your money, as you’ll likely have a lower down payment. Your homeowners’ association (HOA) fees may also be less than those you’d be subject to if you purchase a condo.

  • Land Ownership

    One of the key differences between a condominium and a townhouse is that you’ll own the land surrounding your townhouse. If you purchase a condo, you only own the property’s interior. The condo association will communally own the land. If you purchase a townhouse, you’ll own the interior and the exterior, which often includes an outdoor space that may include a lawn, patio, deck, balconies, etc.

  • Potentially Greater Autonomy

    Townhouses are generally subjected to oversight from the HOA. However, they are often less restrictive and offer greater freedom for owners to make renovations, updates, or even rent out their townhouses than condominiums tend to allow.

  • Townhouses May Offer Excellent Communal Amenities

    All properties are a bit different, but most townhouses will offer at least some communal activities, such as a fitness center, pool, clubhouse, or sports fields and courts, which you’ll be entitled to use.

  • Help with Exterior Maintenance

    Depending upon the townhouse community, you may not be responsible for lawn care, snow removal, leaf blowing, and other routine maintenance. Finding townhouses for sale that offer exterior maintenance can be very attractive for busy people and older individuals.

  • Security

    Because townhome living is communal living, you’ll have more eyes on your property than if you buy a detached home. By virtue of having multiple neighbors, you may feel more comfortable leaving your home for an extended period. The security inherent in townhouses may also appeal to homeowners who live alone.

Those best suited for townhouse living will be buyers who enjoy, or at least don’t mind communal living. However, it’s important to note that sharing walls and close space with others does come with its own nuances. You may have noisy neighbors.  A particularly aggressive HOA can make you feel like you’ve got someone looking over your shoulder all the time. You may be subjected to future capital contribution fees or special assessment fees to improve the communal property.

Loans for Townhouses in Oregon 

If you’re searching for townhouses for sale, getting pre-approved for your mortgage can ensure that when you find the right property, you’ll have your financing in place to make an offer. Strategic Mortgage Solutions is a top-reviewed Oregon mortgage brokerage helping buyers to obtain financing for townhouses, condos, new construction, detached homes, renovation loans, and reverse mortgages. For help finding a great mortgage loan, contact our experienced team at Strategic Mortgage Solutions today by calling 541-275-1148.