Are you a veteran or a currently active-duty service member? Would you like to purchase a home in your favorite Eugene, Oregon, neighborhood? If so, here’s some exciting information about how Strategic Mortgage Solutions can help make your dream of homeownership an achievable goal.

There’s no denying that a military life typically means a life of frequent relocation. When it comes time to put down more permanent roots, it’s comforting to know that it won’t be challenging to finance a home purchase. Fortunately, there are terrific home loan options that can make it possible to afford your new home.

Get Ready for Homeownership

Before we talk about military loans, let’s focus on preparing for your home purchase. Buying a house is hands-down a major stressor in life. You will make it through the stress of searching and buying your dream home much better if you prepare in advance.

Put Your Finances in Order

How do you handle your monthly bills? Do you find yourself struggling to make do after paying your debts each month? If so, we recommend you take steps to reduce your debt payments before you consider taking on a home mortgage.

Along with making it easier for you to handle the expenses that come with homeownership, a robust financial position gives you enhanced home loan opportunities. Check out this Credit Karma article for an in-depth look at the role finances play in obtaining a home mortgage.

How Much of a Mortgage Can You Afford?

Do you have an idea of how much money you can devote every pay period to owning a home? Along with your mortgage payment, you’ll need to budget for things like insurance, taxes, utility bills, and home repairs. In general, it’s a smart idea to keep your mortgage payments to no more than twenty-eight percent of your total monthly take-home pay.

Loan Preapproval Eases Stress of Buying a Home

Don’t delay applying for a home loan preapproval early on in your home-buying process. A preapproval letter is a written guarantee from a lender that you will receive a loan for a specific amount. This is unless something dramatic changes with your finances. You can use your preapproval letter as a helpful guide while you house shop. Additionally, you can use it as bargaining power with a seller once you find your dream home.

Now that we’ve covered the first things that you should do before you contact a mortgage broker, let’s move onto the exciting part: financing your new home.

Military Loans Lead to Homeownership

Are you a little nervous about the whole mortgage process? It’s undoubtedly reasonable to feel anxious before making a decades-long financial commitment. But, you can relax about the actual home loan process. Everyone at Strategic Mortgage Solutions is grateful for your service to our country, and our Loans for Oregon Heroes Program will make it easier for you to find a new permanent address.

Low-Interest Rate Mortgages

Welcome to the fantastic military mortgages contained in our Loans for Oregon Heroes Program. You’ll have access to home loans featuring very competitive interest rates and no down-payment requirements. It’s true; our super skilled loan officers won’t stop working until we’ve matched you with the military loans that best fit your family’s current and future budget and lifestyle.

Short Closing Period

The benefits of our Loans for Oregon Heroes Program don’t end with finding you a terrific home loan. Instead, we guarantee to lower your stress level by ushering your mortgage through to completion within thirty days. This rapid loan closing period makes it more likely that a seller will accept your purchase offer since it allows for a fast sale.

No Loan Processing Fees

Did you know that borrowers pay as much as two to five percent of the total home purchase price in fees to the lender? That is a significant amount of money that lenders require to finance a home loan. The terrific news is that you can forget about paying our processing fees when you finance your mortgage through our Loans for Oregon Heroes Program. We make buying a house more affordable by waiving our usual brokerage fee.

Strengthen the Community

Eugene is a fantastic place to commit to purchasing a home. We know you want the greater Eugene community to thrive, and you can help to make a positive impact on society in our part of Oregon when you choose Strategic Mortgage Solutions.

Our company promises to donate three percent of our compensation from your home loan to one of the local charities that help make Eugene such a special place to call home. You can choose for the donation to go to a neighborhood school, the Wounded Warriors Project, or the Gary Sinise Foundation’s First Responders Outreach program.

Contact Us

Lastly, Strategic Mortgage Solutions is eager to honor your commitment to our nation’s well-being by helping your family buy a home. You can count on our Loans for Oregon Heroes Program for outstanding military loans that come with a bounty of benefits that make it simpler than ever to finance your home purchase. Contact us today for details on what makes Strategic Mortgage Solutions the premier home loan specialist in Eugene, Oregon.