Does window replacement increase home value? It sure does. Fix some light bulbs, paint your front door, and clean your floors. Now is the time to get ahead and add some extra value to your home. In this article, we’ll go over some key ways to add value to your home this summer.

Brighten Up Your Home

First things first: bring some extra cheer into your rooms with a little more light. With a bit of better lighting, your whole room will look better. Consider installing new lightbulbs in your rooms, honing in on the color of lighting you want, and even swapping out light fixtures that’ll help tie it all together.

Does Window Replacement Increase Home Value?

If your windows are cracked or not looking so good anymore, consider replacing them with some high-quality alternatives. New windows will last for years to come and are leagues ahead of their predecessors when it comes to conserving heat and improving your home’s energy efficiency. Be warned, though, quality windows can get pricey. Focus on what needs the most help first and work your way around the house.

There’s Nothing Like a Good Summer Cleaning

You’re not alone. No one really wants to clean the rug under the couch. But doing an extra thorough job cleaning the rooms in your house can make your whole home more inviting. Take note of what areas need work in the different parts of your house. Does the bathroom have any mold, or is your kitchen floor a slightly darker shade than you remember it being? Take the time and give your home a thorough scrub inside and out.

Bring It Alive with Some Color

A little splash of color here, a splash of color over there—adding some color around your home can transform its look and feel. If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, you might not think much about the color your living room walls are or what color your front door is, but potential buyers will. Put on a designer’s mindset and beautify your home with color. On the outskirts of your home, consider using flowers to brighten up your yard. Adding some new color to your home will make it that much more inviting and enjoyable to be in.

Give Your Appliances Some Love

Has your fridge or washing machine spoken to you lately? All appliances get a little worn out over time. Add some value to your home this summer by upgrading or repairing your fridge, AC unit, or even just your microwave. Appliances that look good and run great are some key factors that’ll win over potential buyers.

If, at the end of this article, you find yourself thinking, “Does window replacement increase home value?” We hope you’ll hear a resounding yes from the tiny home – improver inside of you.

A little work goes a long way, and even the smallest steps towards improving your home can add value that lasts years down the road. And of course, improving your home will make it that much more sellable. For more tips and insights on mortgages, check out our other blogs or contact us today.