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    • Can’t Find The Perfect Home?  Renovation or Building A Home Can Make Your Dreams A Reality

      In many parts of Oregon, low inventory and high demand has made it slim pickings for many potential home buyers.  Some buyers are looking for a home with a large lot but don’t like the older home’s condition.  Other homes are too small for their family or it was a foreclosure and needs a lot of work to get the home financeable, let alone livable for their family’s needs.  Or, nothing works at all.

      Perhaps consider a Rehab Loan or an All In One Construction loan?  Rehab loans offer the buyer or borrower the opportunity to get the financing to buy and fix up the home with a low or no down payment, depending on the loan type.

      Whether the home needs a cosmetic facelift, or it’s a major reno and you need to add another bed and bath, odds are, if you qualified for a regular mortgage, you can get a Renovation or All In One Construction Loan.  These loans can’t be taken for granted.  There is more paperwork and planning required because of the construction or renovation component but you can make the home just as you want it and not settle for it.

      We offer Low Down  and No Down (depending on the program) Renovation and All In One Constructions Loans through FHA, VA, Fannie Mae Home Style and even a USDA program with features allowing small renovation projects.