• Oregon VA Loan

    • The Oregon VA home loan is for United States Veterans and is backed by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Because of that backing, the VA loan does not require a downpayment. This makes the loan very desirable for many Veterans.

      Oregon VA Loan Qualifications

      To qualify for an Oregon VA home loan, the Veteran must first apply for a certificate of eligibility. To get approval for the certificate of eligibility you must meet one of the following guidelines:

      • 181 days of service during a time of peace
      • 90 days of service during a time of war
      • 6 years of service in the Reserves or National Guard
      • You are a surviving spouse of a service member that died in the line of duty

      If you would like to apply for your COE, contact us, and we will send you the proper forms.

      Benefits of the Oregon VA Home Loan

      There are many benefits of the Oregon VA home loan. Some of these benefits are:

      • Zero downpayment requirement
      • There is no PMI requirement
      • Limits on all closing costs
      • A lower than average interest rate
      • No prepayment penalties
      • and much more!

      Your Oregon Veterans Home Loans Experts

      We have over 16 years of experience providing home loans to Oregon residents and are especially honored to be able to offer VA home loans for our Oregon Veterans. Contact us today to get started.