• Portfolio Loans

    • Portfolio loans are home loans that lender keeps instead of selling it to investors as most lenders do. In conventional borrowing, the lender makes its money from origination fees and then selling the loan to investors.

      However, there is a greater profit margin if the lender can keep the loan in-house so they will often take the added risk for added profit whereas traditional lenders prefer the added security of selling loans to investors.

      Advantages of a Portfolio Lender

      There are many advantages of using a portfolio lender. Just some of those advantages are:

      • There are better approval odds for unique or complicated credit or financial profiles
      • There is greater flexibility to fit your needs (different terms, lower down payment)
      • These loans are friendly to real-estate investors
      • These lenders can be local to Eugene, or wherever you are in Oregon.

      Whom The Portfolio Loan Helps

      There are many different types of people these loans are best suited for like foreign-born nationals that have difficulty buying a home for multiple reasons, 1099 employees (private contractors), or people that just have had their credit tank for various reasons (hey, it happens).

      Some of the things that can harm credit and cause someone to lose their chance at a more traditional loan are:

      • A divorce
      • A past Foreclosure
      • A tax lien
      • Medical bills that are piling up
      • An ex-spouse that ruined credit
      • Too many collection accounts
      • Any late payments in the past 24 months

      Some Unique Properties That can be Approved by Portfolio Loans

      One of the frustrations of real-estate investors is finding funding. Portfolio loans have helped investors purchase:

      • Condo and Hotels
      • Multi-Use Commercial property
      • Berm Homes
      • Log Cabins
      • Homes that don’t conform to current local building codes or uses

      If you are looking for a second chance or could use lending for unique properties, the portfolio loan could be right for you. Contact us today to see if you qualify.