• Loan Programs

    • At Strategic Mortgage we offer a wide range of options for home loans in Oregon. So no matter what your unique circumstances are, we can work with you to get you into a home you love. Typically, most mortgages fall into two categories- conventional home mortgages and government-backed home loans.

      Conventional Home Mortgages

      These mortgages are not affected by Freddy Mae or Fannie Mac or any other government agency.

      Jumbo Loans

      A jumbo loan goes beyond the conforming loan limit so the houses are usually in the “luxury” category. The jumbo loan comes with unique underwriting policies and tax implications so reach out to see if it’s the right loan for you.

      Portfolio Loans

      Portfolio loans are not sold to investors like their counterparts because they stay in-house. By keeping the loans in-house lenders can offer programs with unique flexibilities and perks.

      An example of this flexibility is that with a portfolio loan the lender can allow someone’s stocks and bonds to be collateral. These loans are a bit riskier so call us to see if it’s the right loan for you.

      Sub-Prime Loans

      Sub-Prime loans are for people that have been denied a home loan by traditional lenders because of their credit or any other deciding factors. These loans have a higher (interest) rate because the borrower does not yet qualify for prime rates.

      Government-Backed Home Loan Options

      A Government-backed home loan option is a loan that is guaranteed by the government so lenders really like using these options. There are many perks to a government-backed home loan and many different options all depending on your needs.

      FHA Home Loans

      An FHA home loan is one of the best options for home loans in Oregon because this loan has easier qualification standards and a lower down payment. The FHA, standing for the “federal housing authority,” doesn’t make the loans but instead, they endorse it.

      The FHA is there to protect the lender if the loan goes into default, but also offers the borrowers certain protections as well. We’re proud to be one of the top FHA lenders in Oregon.

      VA Loans

      VA guaranteed loans are made by private lenders for US active duty military or veterans. A couple of the reasons the VA loan is popular is because it doesn’t require a downpayment, and doesn’t need monthly mortgage insurance.

      USDA Loans

      USDA loans are great for homeowners wanting to live in more rural areas. If you pick a rural area to live in you may qualify for the USDA Loan.

      Reverse Mortgage

      For people 62 and older, the reverse mortgage allows the homeowner to convert part of the equity of the home into cash. The reason it’s called a reverse mortgage is because the lender makes payments to the borrower instead of the other way around.