You work hard to make sure that the people of Oregon enjoy world-class healthcare. When it comes time for you to purchase a home in Eugene, we want to say thank you by making it more affordable. Read on to learn how Strategic Mortgage Solutions works to help heroes like you access the terrific physician home loans that make it possible to buy your dream home.

Our community’s heroes help to make Eugene a fantastic place to live. As a physician, you’ve dedicated your life to caring for other people. The people in Lane County depend on your skills and compassion to heal our families, and all of us at Strategic Mortgage Solutions want to help you settle into Eugene permanently.

Loans for Oregon Heroes Program

New doctors sometimes have a challenging time finding premium home mortgages due to their hefty student loan balances coupled with the costs associated with setting up their practices. The loan officers at Strategic Mortgage Solutions have long worked to help hardworking doctors like you to discover terrific home loan options. We recently unveiled the Loans for Oregon Heroes Program to make homeownership possible for the physicians in our area.

In crafting our new program, we carefully examined what we can do at the brokerage level to make it painless for you to purchase a home. Our goal is to cut the cost of taking out a mortgage. Along with increasing affordability, we added some additional benefits to enhance your home-buying experience.

Here are some perks that you’ll receive when you take advantage of our Loans for Oregon Heroes Program.

Variety of Physician Home Loans

There is not a single home loan that fits everyone. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of physician home loans available, and we’ll help you to determine which one best meets your financial situation. Examples of the things that lenders look at when determining if you qualify for a particular loan include the following.

  • Credit history
  • Income
  • Debt-to income ratio
  • Employment history
  • Down payment amount

Since we are a mortgage brokerage, we have access to many different types of home loans. Our ready access to loans from a variety of lenders gives you an excellent opportunity to find an ideal mortgage.

Super Competitive Interest Rate Guarantee

There’s no ignoring that buying a home in Eugene is expensive. Still, you can keep the long-term cost of homeownership under control by choosing a home loan with low-interest rates. We’ll help you find a low-interest mortgage so you can better afford to live in your desired neighborhood.

Read this Investopedia article on mortgage interest rates for more information on why finding a low-interest rate is crucial to a happy home purchase.

Thirty-Day Closing Opportunity

When you want to buy a house in a competitive market, you’ll have a better chance of success if you allow the seller to do a quick close on the sale. We know how helpful the ability to complete the mortgage process within a month can be, so we made it part of our Loans for Oregon Heroes Program.

Read here for more information on the ins and outs of the real estate closing process.

Reduced Fees

Who wants to pay unnecessary fees? Did you know that the expenses associated with taking out a mortgage can add up to thousands of dollars? Indeed, the amount of money required to pay closing costs can make buying a house feel out of reach for some buyers.

Strategic Mortgage Solutions reduces the number of closing costs that you’ll need to pay to close on your loan. We do this by waiving the processing fees that our brokerage typically charges for home mortgages. Our fee reduction is another way for us to say thank you for your commitment to providing high-quality medical services to the community.

Charitable Donation

Of course, you want the neighborhood where you buy your home to thrive. Terrific non-profits work tirelessly to improve life for everyone in our community. When you go through our Loans for Oregon Heroes Program, we’ll donate to a super worthy cause. You can choose to earmark the contribution for the Gary Sinise Foundation’s First Responders Outreach program, to a neighborhood school, or to the Wounded Warriors Project.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, you’ve spent years becoming a physician, and we’re thankful that you’ve chosen to live in Eugene. Lane County is a unique place to live, and you can depend on us to help you to locate one of the top quality physician home loans. Contact us at Strategic Mortgage Solutions today to find out how our Loans for Oregon Heroes Program will have you moving into your dream home soon.